Saturday, March 4, 2017

Name that scarf pattern....yarn, pattern & shawl pin Giveaway for March/April 2017

Name this scarf-Winner will receive the yarns, printed pattern & a lovely Silver shawl pin ! 

A combination of stitches & natural organic Shetland wool ♥

Something I'm working on, nowhere near finished as i want it to be at least 60'' inches long so please check back to see the finished scarf as it will help in naming the pattern design. (Read on for more info)

I just love working with Natural wool. There is just something about it that makes me feel content, i would even say happy ! 

The nameless scarf/shawl consists of a stepped edge along the bottom in moss stitch, the top edge is straight with moss stitch, garter stitch, eyelets, cables, tubes, box stitch, stocking stitch....a mash up of textures that show up brilliantly in real wool. The earthy colours i'm using are white, fawn & Musket & all 100% Natural to the awesome coloured Shetland sheep.

To enter this giveaway name the scarf/shawl design in the comments section.
One winner will be chosen from all the entries.

Winner will receive the Organic Shetland wool yarns, a printed pattern & Shawl pin.

runs from: March 4th TO April 30th 2017

Enter as many times as you like, no restrictions, open to knitters everywhere. 

Please check back for more picture of Luck !  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Messy Bun hat pattern-Giveaway for January/february 2017

Here we are in the middle of January.....time is getting away from me again !

you must have seen these 'messy bun hats' doing the rounds on the internet. I already sold 2 & i don't even have the pattern down on paper, Lucky for me, my customer is willing to wait so i thought it would be perfect timing to knit these over January & February.

I really like the look of the crochet hat above(not my image) i found it on Google ! 
The stitch & texture looks gorgeous. I don't do crochet so I will try to find a similar knit stitch pattern from my stitch bible & include the pattern here.

The yarn-pure Shetland wool is all Natural Emsket & Black. $7.00 Canadian per 50 gram skein from:

I think 2 skeins will do it for each hat as the top of the hat has very little decrease shaping.
I'm planning on knitting it with 2 yarns together so the hat is thick n warm.
My customer chose these colours, i would liked to have knit it in a natural white to really show the texture. I will take a picture of the finished hat in natural light so you can see as much stitch detail as possible so you can knit your own Shetland Messy Bun hat.

The Messy Bun Pattern:

As you can see I'm starting with the Emsket wool. Sorry about the picture quality the Ipad is fogging up due to the cold weather !

To knit the Messy Bun you will need the following:

2 Skeins of Shetland wool with 170 yards each,

 1 stitch marker,

 1 set on 4.00mm dpn's or circular needle, 

1 set of 4.5 mm's or a circular needle,

Wool needle to sew in ends.

Begin with ribbed edge:

With 4.00mm & 2 strands of Shetland wool yarn cast on 92sts. Join to work in the rnd, place a stitch marker to mark the start of the rnd & proceed to knit the ribbed edge. Work K2, P2 for 10 rnds.

Change to 4.5 mm's & Knit following pattern until work measures 6.5'' TO 7'' inches from cast on edge.

Rnd's 1 & 2: k2, P2 all sts.

Rnd's 3 & 4: P2, k2 all sts.

Repeat these 4 rnds.....that simple ! 

Top shaping:

On rnd1 of pattern, make double Dec's by(k2tog twice),(p2tog twice)

 You have decreased the number of sts by 50% down to 46 sts.

Next RND-work row 2 of pattern. K2, p2 etc

RND 3: make Double Dec's as before but (p2tog twice),(K2tog twice)

RND 4: work rnd 4 of pattern.

Next cast off all remaining sts, sew in yarn tail

The opening across the top measures 3'' inches across when laid flat.

The knitting tension on this hat is: 18 sts = 4'' inch X 28 rows =4''inches. 

2 Messy Buns Complete !
When you knit these hats from real wool you can see all the stitch details & the texture is amazing.
No need to block wool, simply wash lay flat to dry & give it a light press.

TO ENTER: simply tell me what colour you would like to knit your messy bun 

2 winners drawn at random, 

open to knitters world wide,

Open until 28th February 2017

Musket - 'Cables & lace' Shetland shawl.....another Shetland project I'm working on for a later blog post.
I may even add some pure Musk ox - Qiviut to this shawl to make it just that little more special watch this space !

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December blog winner & Messy Bun Hat giveaway for January 2017 !

The winner of the neck warmer is 'Mindy Whitten'

i love the generous size of this new style & now has 3 buttons, the neck warmer is just so soft !

Messy Bun hat......

Have you seen these bun hats. My daughter sent me an image & asked me to make a few of these !

So far the one's i have looked at online are all Crochet but these would be so easy to knit too.
Check back for an update to this blog entry for my January 2017 giveaway ! 

Happy New Year to you all♥

Monday, December 26, 2016

Shetland Wool neck warmer giveaway December 2016

Wow....the year is almost over ! It is difficult to believe that i have not posted since June. Time just got away from me. The mill & knitting studio has been constantly working...even over the Summer months when it was hot, i was still selling knitwear & yarns. I'm not complaining as there is so much unemployment about i feel blessed ! 

Knitters & Knitwear buyers have been so good to my family & I.....keeping us all very busy. We are now sending our Shetland wool yarns & Knitwear World wide & it's a wonderful feeling to know that our customers are enjoying what we manufacture.....Thank you to all who purchased from us, we really appreciate your business♥

I'm not one for making New years resolutions so i wont bother, but i really hope in 2017 i can find the time to post more often(monthly would be good) & host these little giveaways starting now.

My biggest seller in Shetland knitwear are my large neck warmers. Over the Summer i improved the design somewhat & sold all but 1 in the run upto Christmas. you guessed it, I'm giving away a neck warmer. This one(will try to get a good picture, today it's too gloomy) is in the Musket Shade. All Natural & for domestic wool, it's very soft ! It's long enough to cover your head & neck. The button hole closure is smaller & more discreet with a deeper side opening for those who prefer to wear it puddled down around the neck. It sits lovely on the shoulders & is as near perfect as can be. Both ends are finished in double moss stitch.

To enter this giveaway all you need do is tell me in the comments section what is your favourite shade of Natural Shetland wool !

Click on the picture above to enlarge. One winner drawn at Random.

Runs from December 26th to December 31st 2016

Open to everyone world wide.

And if your a Christian like me.....Merry Christmas to you♥

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ram horns hat pattern

                             Organic lamb pie With Flaky Puff pastry......yummy !

Do you know that one of the traits of Shetland lamb is that the meat is sweet & mild tasting. We eat Shetland lamb about 5 times week now as we just do not trust any commercial meat what with all the additives, GMO's, Preservatives & SEX hormones that are injected into livestock to make them grow quickly. I like to call it CLEAN Living. I will talk more about this in a future post & will be adding some of my family's favourite recipes for Lamb to the Canadian Shetland sheep breeders face book page. This is a closed group, send them a request to join !

While baking Vegetable lamb pie waiting for the family to arrive for the weekend, I wanted to design a chunkier hat with cables & came up with this one. This can be knit over a weekend. I'm planning on knitting several to have them ready for the winter time when family stop over for country weekend breaks(city folk Love the peace & quiet of rural life) Someone always forgets to dress for the cold.

You will need: 150 grams of yarn with about 500 yards. I used 3 strands of our 3ply light worsted weight 100% Organic Shetland wool.
5mm circular needle-40cm,
1 set of D.P.N's size 5mm 
8 stitch markers- 1 contrast.
PomPom maker 3'' inch size(medium)
Wool needle.

The design- has a 2.5'' inch turn up so its really cosy around the ears, easy ram horned cabled pattern throughout, top shaping & a lovely PomPom to finish !

knit throughout with 3 strands of yarn held together.
cast on 88 sts, join to work in the rnd & place a marker to mark the beg of rnd.

Ribbed cuff: k2, p2 for 26 rnds or until work measures 5''inches long from cast on edge.

Pattern Set up - work pattern A, pm(place marker), work row 1 of pattern B pm-continue around working A & B until your back to your first stitch marker. Pattern A is worked over 6 sts & the cabled horn pattern is worked over 16 sts.

Pattern A

1: p2, k1, p2, k1.
2: as rnd 1.
3: purl all sts.
4: as rnd 3. 

Pattern B-cabled horns.

1: k4, C4B, C4F, k4.
2: knit all sts.
3: k2, C4B, k4, C4F, k2.
4: as rnd 2.
5: C4B, k8, C4F.
6: as rnd 2
Rep these 6 rounds  until work measures 8.5'' inches long from cast on edge.

Decrease for top shaping:

dec's are made over the pattern rows A while keeping the cabled pattern correct !
1: p2tog, p4, rep over all sts of pattern A.
2: purl,
3: p2tog, k1, p2.
4: p1, k1, p2.
5: p2, p2tog.
6: purl.
7: p2tog, k1.
8: p1, k1.
On round 9 k2tog on All rem sts.
10: break yarn leaving a long tail, pull through rem sts to gather & sew end inside hat-LEAVE THE TAIL INSIDE THE HAT-you will tie this end together with the tail of the pompom so your PomPom with stay put !
Turn up the brim half way, gently press with a damp cloth & allow to dry then add your Pompom.


I used a plastic pompom maker. Got these in a 5 pack with different sizes from Ebay. They open up so you can wrap quickly(remember the old style pompom makers that were a fixed circle & having to pull yarns through the hole....what a waste of time) I used a size  3''inch
The trick to getting a Full & even pompom is to wrap as evenly as possible having equal amounts of yarn spread over the two chambers & see the hole that should be quite full & barely visible if you want a Full fluffy Pompom !
C4B=put next 2 sts onto cable needle. hold at back, knit next 2 sts from left hand needle, then knit the 2 sts from cable needle.
C4F=same as above only hold the 2 sts at front of work
pm=place a marker

I know a lot of people may not eat lamb or meat for that matter......I'm not prejudice to non-meat eaters. If you do not eat meat then simply say so.

To enter this giveaway tell me if you have ever tried Shetland lamb, did you like it or not. 

Did you find that the taste is very subtle compared to regular domestic lamb ?

One winner drawn at random will receive 3 skeins of yarn to knit the Ram Horns hat.
runs from June 11th TO June 30th 2016.

Next time i will share my best tasting leg of Lamb recipe & how to get the meat falling off the bone with tenderness ♥

Sunday, May 22, 2016

See you in June !

I will be back around the 1st June with another give away.......see soon♥
The winner of the shrug from May was Julie Bothwell.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Easy to knit Shrug.....Giveaway for April 2016

I'm going through a shrug phase again.....

                                     And its still cold here !

And what's not to love about a shrug. Its the perfect quick fix when your feeling just a little chilled & in need of only a little coverage. So easy to knit even though i am DROWNING in projects, not to mention ideas for my New line of Baby hats Inspired by our little Princess Ruby !

Afterall, a shrug is only a rectangle with a bit of sleeve shaping.
This is the cabled version I'm working on today.......not quite finished, still got the left sleeve shaping to do. When complete the pattern will be on my Shetland wool site for FREE. Will add all the page links when i finally get it finished ! 

 My Quick knit shrug is this little beauty below.......knit from Shetland Tundra yarn with 15% Qiviut !
I dyed the grey yarn Navy blue & wanted it plain to go with my dress for Ruby's Birthday party on Saturday.....already a year old, my time does past fast. On Saturday its supposed to be 10 degree' barmy !
Deep ribbed cuffs-4.5'' inches long
I love deep ribbed cuffs because you can pull them back & they just stay there ! The yarn too has lots of bounce & holds it shape really well. The shrug is soft & warm but not too warm-perfect for a Spring day. 
This shrug has No fronts, its simply a rectangle with sleeve shaping !
Is a close fitting garment.
the measurements: Armspan-56'' inches.
armpit to wrist-17.5'' inches
Depth-back neck to hem-26'' unraveld & raveled edge-22''
Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

I will add the pattern here so you can knit your own. Please check back later next week.

Here's what you have to do to win a shrug-yes ready knit :

Leave your comment & choose any one of these colours below. I will hand dye the yarn & knit your Shrug. All i will need from the winner is your armpit To wrist measurement !

Stock photo from cottage craft angora 

Colours from Left TO Right: Hunter green, Sky, Red, Purple, Raven Black, Mahogany, Raspberry, Egyptian Red, Rosewood, Navy blue & Azalea

One winner drawn at random.
Runs from 14th April TO 14th May 2016

Best of Luck to you all !

                                            Will share more lamby pictures next blog post